Financial Broker in Amman Stock Exchange:

  • Spot Accounts: the clients have the ability to trade with his available cash only
  • Margin Accounts: the clients have the ability to finance his purchses of stocks.Subject to  the company policies and terms & conditions. Margin Trading is high risk and you may lose all you capital.
  • Online trading service is available for Amman Stock Exchange


Regional & International Stock Markets:


Ajiad made the world in your grasp by offering variety in trading in the regional & International stock markets, Palestine Exchange, UAE (Dubai financial market, Abu Dhabi securities exchange and NASDAQ Dubai), Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul, Nomu -Parallel market), Qatar Stock Market, Muscat Securities Market, Bahrain Bourse, Bourse Kuwait, Egyptian Exchange, USA Stock Markets, Europe Markets, and Asian Markets ( Hongkong, Japan, Singapore).




The high liquidity market with a wide range of financial instruments  such as (Curruncies,precious metals, commodities and indices)  trade with buying and/or selling using technical and fundamental analyses, offered by Ajiad to customers through an online trading system called META Trader 4, from Monday till Friday.